Following are instructions for purchasing multiple digital JPEG file downloads (JPEG Bundle).

It is important to realize that if you want to purchase a bundle, you need to start with that in mind. If you have favorites saved you can add them to a bundle, but if you already have a shopping cart full of individual small or large JPEG files, that cart cannot be converted to a bundle.

Here's how to get started. Below is a typical gallery page. If you wanted to start a bundle order with the first four photos below (DSC_4043 through 4046), just click the checkboxes underneath them

Notice that once you check a photo, your selection shows above the thumbnails.

If you click the "order photos" link it takes you to this page where you should select "CDs / Digital Files."

Here you can select the JPEG size you want. In this case we're going to choose the Small JPEG Bundle. Because of the way the Exposure Manager system handles this type of product, it will still call it a "CD" or "disc" even though this is going to be a digital download.

Now you can either check out if you've selected everything you want, or you can continue shopping if you want to add more photos to the bundle.

If you elect to continue shopping, all remaining photo pages will have a new "Add photo" button so you can add it to the bundle.

Once you click the "Add photo" button it changes to "Remove photo" so you can remove it easily. You can also review the contents of the disc at any time.

Here you can also remove images in case you went over one of the price thresholds.

From here you can check out. Note that although this is a digital download, Exposure Manager still charges a shipping fee as if it's a CD or DVD in a mailer. Just choose the least expensive shipping option, and consider it a service fee for processing the file and tying up space on my DropBox account.